Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Creative Makeup Art Transformation by Paolo Ballesteros

For those of you who like some things about beauty and make-up, you will make a new breakthrough by using the tool of your makeup. Different types of make-up and style will make you become more creative and always start everything with unique things and create an art thing.

Today, many people have shown their expertise in cosmetic and juggle their faces resemble of some artists. An actor from Philippines named Paolo Ballesteros is always make changes on his face with makeup. He uses makeup, wig, and contact lenses to transform his self into some very unusual personality. He also adds some accessories to support his makeover.

Shading Make-up Techniques

Paolo Ballesteros is able to create a funny and creative makeup art that is also done by Laura Jenkinson on some of her work in Bmodish.com. Paolo also personally not very good at using eye shadow to make it look similar to the artist that he wanted to emulate.
With makeup techniques that he had, he made some changes in the face with a focus on shading at some point to sharpen the curve of the face of an artist. If you want to know more about the work and the results of Paolo, you can visit to Paolo’s Instagram account at @pochoy_29.

Paolo is often applying cosmetics to his face to form the face of some performers and world figures. He is already imitating face of some artists such as Julia Roberts, Rihanna, Megan Fox and a few others. This shading technique is also applied on the eyes, lips, jaw, and a nose that looks similar to those artists.
From some of the photos that have been posted to his Instagram account, Paolo also add a wig and contact lenses to support his appearance. Because of his background as a famous actor, he also managed to make the art of makeup.

Drew Barrymore
Julia Roberts
Katty Perry
Lucy Liu
Megan Fox
Miranda Priestly
Princess Diana

The Function of Make Up Art

Make up art is also often done by some makeup for an event that has the theme of art and beauty. Actually, it is very easy to apply cosmetics to your face. By using shading techniques, you can make your face look more similar to those artists.
Here, Paolo also did some shading techniques that can mimic some of the shape of the lips, nose, eyes, jaw, and other facial parts. First step, he uses foundation as a coating of the makeup. After that he uses the powder and does shading on some parts of his face. To form the lips, he uses a special pencil to form a lip. Then, he added eye shadow and blush to strengthen the eyes and the shape of his jaw which had shading by using the foundation. After that, he is adding lipstick to strengthen the lip line.
A makeup will have many kinds of colors and models make up that has a lot of functionality to your makeup. With this makeup you can also apply your face makeup as beautiful as possible and by using some kind of creative makeup art. Creative makeup art can also be used for some events. The event will require you to have a special appearance and makeup that support your appearance at that time.


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