Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The New Released “Super Smash Bros” Will Never Make You Bored

If you are one of those people who spend the childhood moments in the 80s or 90s, you might remember this legendary game name Super Mario Bros. This game is about a super plumber name Mario is one big hit game those days. The game is boy’s best friend back then. It becomes a popular talk among the boys at their school and in most of their hang out times.

A respectable and well known game company in the world, Nintendo, which releases that legendary game, will launch their new Super Mario Bros invention. This game invention will provide you with more boredom solution and make your day more colorful.

This new game invention will be released on November 21 and the name of the game is New Super Smash Bros. This new game is created by Nintendo for Wii U. So be prepared for those of you who claimed themselves as big fan of Super Mario Bros. For those of you, who live in the United States; just wait for the joy to come to your country. On November 21, this game actually will finally be available in the United States. And for those of you who live in the Europe, the game finally will come knocking at your bedroom door two weeks later on December 5. 

November 21 is not only the launch of New Super Smash Bros. On this date there are some important events that will brighten your day. This date is the date where some amiibo figures will go on sale. The first sale will go for 12 figures such as Wii Fit Trainer, Mario, Villager, Link, Kirby, Fox, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Samus, Pikachu, Peach and Marth. Villager. Each figure will go on sale for $12.99. And another amiibo figures will go on sale on December. Those figures are Pit, Diddy Kong, Luigi, Captain Falcon, Zelda, and Little Mac.

As a creative game company, Nintendo will create many game features that are compatible with many other games. This creativity is one of marketing strategy for Nintendo. With this strategy, the game company hope to reach much wider game lovers and attract more newbies. The creativity leads Nintendo to produce those amiibo figures. All the figures that will go on sale on two waves will eventually be compatible with a wide range of games. And the first game to be honored with this creativity trial is Super Smash Bros. All players in Super Smash Bros will be able to set the figures on their NFC-enabled Wii U. This process is enabling all players to sync the figures with their games and level their figures and customize abilities. This sync progress will keep on continue even on a friend’s console. 

New Super Smash Bros is a full complete package of happiness. This game will never make you bored and will heat up your spirit and energy. The game will complete its package with controller adaptor for GameCube that compatible with WaveBird wireless controller. The adaptor will cost $19.99. If you want to buy it with their original price, you can buy it at the game launch on November 21.


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