Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Get Inspired by Steve Jobs Movie

Steve Jobs movie was released in 2013 and shared the inspiration from Steve Jobs to all people in the world. Steve Jobs is a biographical film that inspired from the true story of Steve Jobs. Who doesn’t know Steve Jobs? He is a really great people that have invented Apple Inc. He is really brilliant and has a spirit that would never die. Before the film, the story about Steve Jobs has been released as a book and to inspiring more people Mark Hulme decided to create the film. In the film, Ashton Kutcher plays a role as Steve Jobs. He did it very well to be Steve Jobs. But now, the new version of this film has been planned to release in 2015. Christian Bale will replace Ashton Kuthcer to play a role as Steve Jobs. From this film we can learn that Steve Jobs work very hard to can build his company. It is not instant and not as easy as people think. This is full of hard work and Steve Jobs show that we can’t give up easily before we catch our dream.

Steve Jobs movie

If you watch the Steve Jobs movie, the first thing you will see is when Steve Jobs introducing the iPod at an Apple Town Hall meeting. You will know that Steve Jobs has already dropped out from the high school in 1974. But, although has dropped out, Steve Jobs still try hard to always study and learn all of the new things. He still attends classes in high school. This is all because the approval of Dean Jack Dudman. A few years later, Steve Jobs move to Los Altos, California. There, he lives with his adoptive parents and meet Steve Woznia. This is a beginning of the Apple Inc. With his friend, Steve Jobs built a personal computer named the Apple Computer. But, in the other side, there was already a company named Apple records so Wozniak and Jobs do something that make their Apple Computer develop become the Apple I. In 1977 the Apple I move to be the Apple II. This company increase rapidly and become a big company until now all people in the world know it as the Apple Inc.

In the end of the film, you will see the dialogue of Jobs for the Think Different commercial in 1977. Remember to stay in your seat until the credit title. You will watch the photos of the main characters before the credit title. In 2015, let’s see how the Jobs’ story will be packed in the Steve Jobs Movie. 


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