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Unique and Elegant 'Frozen' Wedding Dress

Frozen is one of the famous movies with the clotting process and find success in the world of cinema. Not only famous for its movie, a lot of people like the fashion that exists in the movie. Disney Consumer Products has been collaborated with several companies that offer wedding and bridal bridesmaid dresses which is belonging to Alfred Angelo wedding gown and they took its theme of the Queen Elsa.
Elsa queen dress design has become a trendy wedding gown and get into New York Week. Not only took the gown by the theme of the Frozen movie, Alfred was also took the theme of the Sleeping Beauty movie, Rapunzel, The Princess and The Frog and some other Disney movie theme.

Wedding Dress Details

Photo : instagram.com/disneyweddings
The sketch that given by the designer, reinforced with layers long dress that can meet the long and sparkling floor. This dress is also confirmed in the neck that makes your neck look more level.
A creative head of the company, Michele Pissione, said that he was inspired by the song “Let It Go” that is sung by Elsa at steep iceberg. Michele also explains some of the elements of the wedding dress are inspired by the time Elsa change sparkling and elegant blue dress. This elegant new dress is also closely related to the ice and show the beauty of Elsa when she uses this dress and supported by the ice palace.

Women will look more elegant with dress designs that show her long and proportioned shape necks. This dress will make the bride look more beautiful and elegant. This form of dress will be attached to your body and will show the contours of your body.
This dress will be made if there is a book and those inspired by Disney characters and make dresses as their wedding dress. Disney Queen also has a blue wedding dress, decorated with corset covered with beads. At the neckline is given a layer of satin, tulle, glitter and some other accessories.

Price Range and Wedding Dress Styles

Some designers, such as Oscar de la Renta, Jenny Packham, dams Moniqiue Lhuillier, have a wedding dress that has shades of green, pink, yellow, white, and more closely to the elegant. They also have a design and sketch inspired by some of the things that they think those are very unique.
Frozen is not the only movie that was released by Disney and has a line of elegant dresses. A boutique called Disney Boutique has been selling some dresses inspired by Disney characters. Some of the dresses that have been made by the boutique have a $ 1,200 price range.

Elsa frozen Disney wedding dress will be famous in January 2015 and will be a lot of brides who will be using this dress. Besides having a strong vignette, this dress will make you more elegant and beautiful on your wedding day. Prepare yourself in some wedding dress models that you will wear on your wedding day. Choose one of Disney character and choose several models and colors to suit your character.


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