Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Wonderful Earth: The Quietest Places to Visit

Maybe you are bored having a vacation in the crowded or public places. Or, you might need quieter place to relax so you can feel the joy of life just for a while. Today’s inspiration takes you to several places we can say the quietest places on earth. Here, you can find not only the quietness. More than that, you can feel peace. Let’s see those 7 places with the quietest nuance.

Quietest Places to Visit

1. The Hoh Valley, Washington

We begin the first quietest place you can find on earth. Located in the US, this rainforest is located in Northern Washington. Named Olympic National Park, this area is marked by one small red stone as the sign that this becomes the place of the project of independent research. Here, you can only here the sounds of your movement. Somewhat, little sounds of animals you might hear too from somewhere else.

2. Kronotsky Nature Reserve, Russia

It is Kronotsky Nature Reserve or the Land of Fire and Ice. For sure, the government only lets 3,000 tourists per year to visit this place because they want to protect this area. For visiting this area, you have to sign up with the approved tour company for taking a helicopter day trip.

3. Tak Be Ha Cenote, Tulum Mexico

Then, there are underwater caves in Tulum Mexico that are completely dark. The caves are known as cenotes then it is named as Tak Be Ha Cenote. This place lets you hear your own breath. If you want to get an ultimate of sensory experience, you can turn your headlamp off.

4. Negev Desert, Israel

Further, there is Negev Desert in Israel. The desert is far away from the city of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. This place has some spots to stop such as Mitzpe Ramon with its incredible views of Ramon Crater.

5. Kelso Dunes, California

In addition, you can go to Kelso Dunes in California where there is Mojave Desert. The beautiful views you can find here and it is so much captivating. You can hear the wind while enjoying the beauty of the place where you belong. 

6. Anechoic Chamber, Minnesota

Besides, there is a manmade place in Minnesota named Anechoic Chamber. Guinness World Records wrote it as the quietest place on earth.

7. Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, Botswana

The last quietest place you will love is Makgadikgadi Pans National Park in Botswana. This place shows you the luxurious sceneries of sky in the dark nature. You will feel as you are in the planetarium because there is nothing you can here but your own. Wanna try one of these quietest places?


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